The Music Room

Our students have the opportunity to attend music lessons. All classes have a music lesson every week. Students are being trained in various aspects of music including singing, rhythm, playing percussion instruments, instrument building, aural training, and general music awareness, among other topics. They are also being given basic theory lessons. Students really enjoy these sessions and participate with joy in such activities. Students perform during Christmas concerts, musicals and Award Days which are held at school as major events. Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat and Jonah & the Whale were two such representations.

As in previous years, the students from the Year 4 to Year 6 classes have the opportunity of taking part in the school choir. The choir trains for Eucharistic Celebrations that are held at school, special activities such as the Holy Communion Celebration for Year 2 students and various occasions organized for charity.

The school choir was responsible for the production of 3 CDs: 'Ilħna Ferrieħa 1' (issued in 1999-2000), 'ABĊ Bil-Maltin Din...' as well as 'Ilħna Ferrieħa 2' (issued in 2008-2009).