The Staff

The overall management of the school falls under the responsibility of the Headmistress, Ms. Daniela Demicoli, who is supported by three Assistant Heads, Ms Lorraine Vella for Kindergarten (Kinder 1 & 2), Ms Kathleen Caruana Salafia for the Early Years (Years 1, 2 & 3) and Ms Giselle Cassar for the Junior Classes (Years 4, 5 & 6). Together, as the school's SLT (School Leadership Team), are responsible for decision-making and the well-being of all the stakeholders within the school.

At present the school staff is made up of 3 persons in the administration sector, 16 teachers, 27 LSEs, 4 Kindergarten Educators, 1 Spiritual Director, 1 IT technician, 7 employees as part of the domestic staff and 1 person who take care of the General Maintenance. This totals a staff 64 dedicated persons who work hard as a team to ensure that St Francis School B'Kara offers a unique educational experience for all students, staff and parents. The Directorate of Services in Education Secretarial for Catholic Education offers the services of various professionals namely, an INCO (Inclusion Coordinator), a counsellor, a social worker and a psychologist who visit the school on a regular basis to ensure that all stakeholders within the school are given support, should they require it.

Headmistress Ms Daniela Demicoli

Assistant Heads Ms Kathleen Caruana Salafia
Ms Giselle Cassar
Ms Lorraine Vella

Secretary Ms Christine Scerri

School Clerks Mr Gilmour Borg
Ms Josianne Buttigieg

Teachers Ms Stefania Busuttil
Ms Alexia Calleja
Mr Joel Cassar
Ms Stephanie Coppola
Ms Anna Caruana
Ms Suzanne Caruana
Ms Nicola Cuschieri
Ms Madeline George
Ms Natalia Grixti
Ms Roana Grixti
Ms Naomi Micallef
Ms Martina Palmier
Ms Charmaine Portelli
Ms Julie Zahra
Ms Marisa Zerafa
Ms Natasha Xerri

Kindergarten Educators Ms Graziella Azzopardi
Ms Kimblery Aquilina
Ms Daniela Micallef
Ms Maria Pia Vella

IT Technician Mr Rennie Marquette

Spiritual Directors Fr Charles Attard

School Maintenance Mr Christopher Piscopo

LSEs Ms Abigail Attard
Ms Graziella Azzopardi
Ms Sylvana Balzan
Ms Susan Bonnici
Ms Louise Borg
Ms Bernice Briffa
Ms Gianella Bugeja Muscat
Ms Mariah Camilleri
Ms Michelle Camilleri
Ms Antonella Caruana
Ms Rhian Caruana
Ms Kathleen Cauchi
Ms Theana Ciantar
Ms Maria Cuschieri
Ms Victoria Cuschieri
Ms Suzanne Cutajar
Ms Yanica Debono
Ms Isabella Galea
Ms Antoinette Gauci
Ms Anastasia Laudi
Ms Graziella Mizzi
Ms Michelle Marie Scicluna
Ms Leanne Schembri
Ms Marcella Sciriha
Ms Rosette Sciriha
Ms Maria Xuereb Veneziani
Ms Annalise Zahra

Domestic Staff Ms Josephine Cuschieri
Ms Marie Claire Muscat
Ms Rita Muscat
Ms Shirley Rita Pisani
Ms Jospehine Portelli
Ms Catherine Tabone
Ms Jessica Zammit