The Gymnasium & Yards

Physical Education is essential for the development and maintenance of good health! The goal of Physical Education within the school is to develop physical educated students, with an increased knowledge of how their own body works and how healthy food habits can improve their physical and mental well-being. Throughout the scholastic years, students are being provided with opportunities to attain the skills and knowledge to be more physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The inclusion of Physical Education in the School’s timetable is designed to give students the opportunity of trying out different physical activities that are related with their own experience and interests. Lessons per class are held twice weekly in time slots of 40 minutes and 50 minutes.

Lessons are designed so that students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in different areas of sports and skills, such as football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and creative movements as well as athletics. With such skills, students are becoming more competent in movement forms, motor skills, and social skills, while not excluding safety rules during the Physical Education lessons. Every time, students are reminded to be responsible for their own behaviour, especially when getting in and out of the gym. Attention and care must be used when using school equipment. Physical Education equipment must be used in the manner prescribed by the activity, especially when handling rackets, batons and ropes.

It is vital that students do not wear any form of jewellery during the lesson. No long earrings, rings or bracelets are allowed, as these do not form part of the Physical Education attire. It is also important that students wear their full uniform during every lesson and that each item is properly marked. In accordance with the School Policies: the P.E. Winter Uniform consists of a BLUE track suit, the YELLOW school t-shirt, and WHITE socks and running shoes. On the other hand, the P.E. Summer Uniform includes the YELLOW school t-shirt, WHITE/NAVY BLUE shorts, WHITE socks and running shoes. Girls are to wear YELLOW hair accessories.

Ms. Alexia Calleja – P.E. Teacher