Message of the Head

I welcome you all to St. Francis School, B'Kara with great pleasure and pride. Welcome to an educational institution which knows its origin way back to 1885 when the Franciscan nuns first opened their doors to educate young children at B'Kara.

Through the years the school has always strived for excellence in all spheres in the light of the experience of the Gospel and the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. In our journey together we continue to build an educational community of people with a common aim of cultivating strong moral convictions and academic excellence in our girls and boys.

Motivated by the basic Christian value of Love and inspired by the Franciscan Charisma of Simplicity, St. Francis School B'Kara has gone through different stages of development and continues to evolve dynamically not just as a building or a structure but also in the way the school is run and the daily life within the school itself.

Focusing on the school's motto Always Better keeps us moving forward with a positive attitude towards life in general and our learning community. Together we question, we explore, we dream and we act to improve ourselves and our school.

Welcome to St. Francis School, B'Kara!

Ms. Daniela Demicoli

Head of School