About Our School

Our school welcomes boys and girls from the age of three to eleven. Presently around 340 students attend our school and come from various areas around Malta and different backgrounds. It is a mixed ability school, meaning that it caters for children of different learning abilities within the same class, giving opportunities for all children to succeed no matter what their learning needs are.

Admission into St Francis School B'Kara, like all the other Church Schools in Malta is through a ballot system at the Curia which forms part of the Directorate of Services in Education Secretarial for Catholic Education.

Click on this link www.thechurchinmalta.org for Regulations regarding admissions.

At St Francis School B'Kara, students follow the formal course of education from the Kinder stage to the Sixth Level of their Primary Education. The school's basic language is Maltese though English is regarded as the language used cross-curricular. Subjects taught at our school are Maltese, English, Religion, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Music, ICT, PSD and Home Economics. At Year 6 level, students sit for the Benchmark Examination run by the Education Department. If boys opt to carry on their Secondary Education in a Church School they are extracted by ballot organized by Curia. On the other hand, girls wishing to carry out their Secondary Education in a Church School can do so by attending St. Francis Secondary School in Sliema.