The ethos of the school is grounded in the quality of relationships at all levels: between senior management and teachers, between teachers, between teachers and parents, between teachers and students, between teachers and external support professionals, and between students. Such relationships are characterised by mutual respect, by transmitting a clear message to students that they are of worth, by a willingness to listen and understand, and by a positive view of teachers as professionals and students as learners. Through good models of adult behaviour, there is constant encouragement to develop self-esteem, self-discipline and autonomous adherence to high standards.

In our school there is a very welcoming environment, along with a strong sense of identity and community within the school. Staff, pupils, parents share this sense of belonging and this enhances relationships. The School's staff makes a very effective team who work with parents when appropriate. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the life and work of the school and are always made welcome. Staff use praise a great deal and have high expectations of pupils. Positive behaviour is encouraged through the discipline policy. Pupil behaviour is mostly good with incidents of poor behaviour dealt with, in a consistent, fair manner. In considering development needs in this key aspect, we should continue to develop partnership with parents.