The Library

2006/2007 saw the inauguration of the school library. Ex-deadmistress Sr. Giovannita Briffa had long wished for this project to materialize, following the refurbishment of the entire school building. For this, we cannot but thank God for helping us in achieving our aims in this project.

The library is composed of two sections, half of the room is reserved for reading material, whereas the other section is utilized as an Audio Laboratory.

The reading section houses an array of books, both in English and in Maltese. Some books found in the library have been donated by parents, or given to the school from leading bookshops.

Apart from that, the school also stocks the library with brand new books, bought every so often. The books have been specifically chosen for children within the 3 to 11-year range. Furthermore, the library employs a system of colour-coding. Books that are targeted for year one and two students are labelled orange, those for year three and four students are labelled yellow, while those for year five and six students are labelled green. This system is used in order to help the students look for reading material within the appropriate section.

The audio laboratory is mainly used for the listening of stories. For this reason, the laboratory is equipped with audio cassettes/cds accompanied by their respective books, as well as fifteen sets of headphones. The students thus have the ability of listening to a story as they follow on the book.

Each student visits the library once a week, alternating between the audio lab and the reading section of the library, from which they can borrow books to read at home.

The library is equipped with storybooks, encyclopaedias, atlases, general knowledge, nature-related material, among others. Apart from the student section, the library also has a teachers' reference section that includes resources for classroom use.

The library is manned by a librarian who is in charge of all that is required in this section. She also helps the students to choose the appropriate reading books according to age and ability. The librarian also co-ordinates the two sections of the library.