The Computer Lab

Our school is equipped with a computer lab, consisting of sixteen computers, two printers, a network system and also internet service. These computers have been kindly funded by the PTA.

The students have an IT lesson every week and every student has a computer available, since half of each class attends an IT lesson while the other half goes to the library. The two groups then switch places, so that every student attends both lessons every week.

Lessons are designed to cover two aims: the students cover all the IT syllabus, learning to manage files, produce documents, loading and saving, among others; the lessons are also based on work being done in class, thus revising topics of Maths, English, Maltese, Social Studies and Religion. The students also learn about correct posture, good handling of hardware, simple troubleshooting, as well as netiquette and safe internet surfing.

ICT is a very important subject in today's world, and our students are very lucky, since they are being given a good head start from as early as Year 1.