St Francis School B'Kara is proud to be an Eco School since November 2010 when it was first awarded the Green Flag, an International Award for the conservation of the environment. The school has been working on the project since 2008 and has so far been awarded the Green Flag six consecutive terms, each lasting 2 years.

Most of the School's activities that are organized are linked to the Eco School Action Plan which is drafted and then carefully executed by the Eco School Committee. An election is held at the beginning of the scholastic year in which a representative from every class is elected. The committee, made up of 12 students, 2 educators and an Assistant Head meets regularly during break time to plan Eco friendly activities and projects.

Since the beginning of this project, St Francis School B'Kara has worked with other schools in the B'Kara locality namely St. Theresa College and St. Monica B'Kara for Clean-Up Activities. Write-ups and drawings made by the students are regularly sent to various magazines and local newspapers. The school works hard in favour of the conservation of water, both at school and in the families. A survey about the use of water and electricity within the local community has been carried out during the B'Kara flea market. This was a great success. The same survey was carried out by the eco-school council members at the President's Palace at San Anton. Regular school activities are linked to the love for animals & the environment, waste reduction, separation and recylcing. The school also promotes a healthy lifestyle on premises and outside for all its learning community. At the moment, the school is working on the theme of RESPECT.

Thanks to the school administration, all the staff, students and parents ... we are very proud of our Eco School.